The company

The company


DIAGO has its origin in believing in a different way of relating to the optical; Close, flexible and attentive. To believe in trust, in facilitating the daily work, in the solutions to contribute and in making the success of the others our own.
Believing in quality, in the personal relationship of closeness, creator in a personalized customer service is what does not grow every day.

Our goal is to achieve all that can be achieved and the best care and professional service, as well as a high range of quality optical products at competitive prices".


“The mission of DIAGO is to support the opticians of today and tomorrow." The mission of DIAGO is to offer assistance to the optics, facilitating its day to day with reduction of prices, personalized attention and continuous support. In addition, we want to be a reference for our customers, but also for our employees in how to act socially and environmentally, through sustainable growth.


The vision of DIAGO is to create a better day to day for the majority of opticians. Our business idea supports this vision with quasi-personalized attention to the optician, offering a wide range of products for optics, well designed, functional and at affordable prices for all optics.


Quality, durability, resolution, transparency.


Useful, flexible, affordable, sustainable and responsible.


… Make it easy

Diago does not conform to a simple professional relationship, but rather seeks to satisfy those particular needs that a client may have, and create a proximity relationship that allows information to be made to make the most appropriate decisions. This policy has led Diago to work with the best optical professionals on the national and international scene.

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